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ToxGenSolutions is moving from early diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease to drug target identification and drug development.

ToxGenSolutions is currently validating at diagnostic tool allowing for preclinical diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease with focus on differences between men and women.

Yet, we are expanding our activities by moving towards drug target identification and drug development aiming at stopping disease development as early as possible. Our genetic and epi-genetic networks allowed the identification of 3 potential drug targets. Currently potential drugs are being identified using computational tools. Selected drug candidates are subjected to in vitro HTS for assessing toxicity (step 1) as well as for assessing efficacy (step 2) using brain spheroids composed of neurons, glia cells and astrocytes. The BBB will also be included both in toxicity and efficacy assessment.

ToxGenSolutions BV

Erwin L Roggen (CEO): More than 25 years of industrial experience (including 15 years as a manager) in the development, implementation and use of animal-free methods; Self-employed since 2013 ( with the mission to valorise promising animal-free methods; Founder and co-owner (2011) of the listed company SenzaGen AB (Lund, Sweden) (, specialized in cell-based identification methods for allergens. profile: